Sunday, January 20, 2008

Feeling Bad but Good

I'm feeling bad that I haven't posted all weekend. Please forgive me if you've been looking for some new and exciting content. I've been busy and barely sleeping all weekend.

First of all, we surprised my daughter with a sort of surprise birthday party. She knew something was up but didn't know who it involved. She had a wonderful day playing with 5 other girls, a boy, and her brother. My dad came up as well bearing gifts a girl's gotta love. A beloved family friend came too. I made her THE cake that she wanted and decorated so it would all be festive. Fun day equals lots of work for mommy.

Before that, I was busy finishing up a DVD slideshow for her. As a gift this year, I made both of my older kids a DVD featuring themselves. The video begins at their birth and ends about the week before I created the DVD. They got a kick out of watching themselves grow up over the course of about 250 photos and 25 minutes. Of course, they are set to the best songs too. It was alot of work but so worth it. I ended up being teary-eyed several times while making each, especially while previewing them to see how they turned out. The combination of seeing them little, all those memories, and the song lyrics just did me in.

While finishing up my daughter's DVD I got a self-esteem boost because I realized just how many opportunities we are giving our kids by homeschooling them. Because we homeschool we are able to make field trips, activities, and fun projects a priority. They will have so many good memories when they grow up simply because we stepped out in faith and homeschooled.

Speaking of field trips...we've decided to stop by the Washington State History Museum for a while tomorrow while it is free. I hope any locals reading got/get a chance to take advantage to the free events this weekend and week. To everyone who isn't local, I'll be posting how to find all these opportunities in your neck of the woods soon.

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Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

The DVD slideshows sound amazing! That's a wonderful idea for a gift for them, and I bet they'll treasure them for years to come.

The WA State History museum is amazing! The girls have the most fun on the top floor in the kids area. It's so great that museums in this area have regular free days.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome cake! I always make homemade cakes for my kid's birthdays. It is a lot of work, but they love it! I'll have to keep this one in mind for my little horse lover.