Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just Homeschooling

I was having so much fun with weekly memes on my other blog that I never had a day to post about homeschooling stuff. The original intent when I named that blog was to write about my distractions because I'm such a distractable person. I dove in and got distracted by all those fun memes; Menu Plan Monday, Works For Me Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, Photo Hunter, Unconsious Mutterings. I love them all but they did, in fact, distract me from any ability to post about homeschooling too. So I decided to start a second blog that I could devote just to homeschooling. This blog will feature our adventures, projects, books, curriculum, and field trips. When we read a book, use a curriculum, or complete a project that we love, we'll let you know. When we find something that we just didn't like, we'll let you know. Maybe, just maybe, our experiences will help you make decisions for your own homeschooling adventure.

As I have a few moments here and there, I'll add some things to the blog. I'll give Sprittibee over there on the sidebar a few friends. I'll add some links to websites I like and use in my homeschooling adventures. Best of all, I'll add posts about fun and exciting things we've found and done. I love blogs with lots of photos so expect lots of them here.

I'll be blogging (with photos of course) about our favorite first Saturday of each month activity later today.

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Michelle Olsen Sasak said...

I love blogs with lots of photos too! I'm definitely going to be checking back in on this blog.