Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Benefits

Yesterday we receive our first and probably last significant snow fall of the season. I use significant somewhat humorously because for us that means we got more than a dusting that melted within the hour. It means we had enough to cover our lawns or about two to three inches. It means we got to enjoy the peaceful whiteness surrounding us for a day. It means we took the morning off and spent the morning outdoors playing in the fluffy, cold, white crystals we call snow. It means I had yet another opportunity to be thankful that we homeschool...

I awoke, cold and still sleepy, around 7:00am. I longed to remain in bed where it was warm and cozy. Next to me, my youngest slept peacefully. I could probably get another thirty minutes of rest before he awoke. Remembering that we were expecting snow overnight, I sighed and slipped out of my warm covers to see if the promises became a reality. Not expecting to really see snow, I peered out my second story window. Shockingly there was a blanket of snow on the ground. It was only two or three inches deep but that was enough for us. Rather than waiting for them to waken on their own, I entered my children's room to wake them.

Of course, they wanted to go out and play immediately. I was game. We all got dressed up and head out the door without even stopping for breakfast. The kids begged to go see their friends, G & A. Because I knew public school was delayed two hours, I agreed and we headed over there. The kids had a ball and enjoyed seeing and playing with their friends. They don't get to see them often. Then some homeschooling friends, the K family, woke up and joined the fun. All the kids were having a blast out in the snow. After a while, G & A had to leave for school so we all went across the street to the K family's home. The kids played until 2pm, alternating between playing outside in the snow and coming inside to play and warm up. The kids loved it.

At 2pm, I finally dragged the kids home to eat a late lunch and get some school done. It was very nearly a perfect day.

While all this was going on, I was reflecting on how nice it is that we can take full advantage of days like this. When the weather is perfect for play, be it cold and snowy or warm and sunny, we can take the time to enjoy it because we don't have anywhere we must be and we can easily fit school in later.

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Mama Kautz said...

my kids are logging many, many hours of "PE" in the snow we have...more is coming overnight! Glad you got to enjoy some though

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much for your suggestion on the Disney World book, I am going to buy it tomorrow. I am a bit of an overplanner :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog today.