Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Want to be Smart

Sammy, my son, is an odd kid. Earlier tonight he was reading a kid's dictionary because he wanted to. No one made him read it. When we asked why he was reading the dictionary, he replied, "Because I want to be smart." We told him he already was smart to which he replied, "I want to be more smart." This isn't the first time we've caught him reading the dictionary.

What about you? Do you have a kid who does odd things like read the dictionary for fun?

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

I used to read the encyclopedias for fun but never the dictionary. My boys don't read much more than video game instructions without some prompting from Mom. LOL

Anonymous said...

I use to do this when I was a child but unfortunately as a teenager, I didn't keep it up. Wish I had. Would've been helpful for college. HeeHee. My youngest son loves to read science books and texts. He sits at the dining room table, opens them up to read and then begins to takes notes. He makes his own little drawing in his notes and everything then explains to me what he learned. He dreams of becoming a scientist and a writer. I think it's so cute and neat how your son wants to learn knew words too. Such initiative! :)

Brittney said...

My son (7) is an odd kid then too because he also read the dictionary! Oh, and the Thesaurus!

Thanks for sharing!
(King Alfred Academy)