Saturday, March 22, 2008


We've been reading a book and will be finishing it up today. Here's a quote from the book:

The Mayor of New York called up the President of the United States down in Washington, D.C., to ask him for help, and the President, who at that moment was having breakfast in his pajamas, quickly pushed away his half-finished plate of Sugar Crisps and started pressing buttons right and left to summon his Admirals and his Generals. And all the way across the vast stretch of America, in all the fify States from Alaska to Florida, from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, the alarm was sounded and the word went out that the biggest bomb in the history of the world was hovering over New York City, and that at any moment it might go off.

The first person to leave a comment with the title of the book from which this quote came gets a brand new copy of the paperback. If you already own the paperback, you may chose another paperback by the same author (similar price). Contest open to anyone not living with me. Be sure to leave a valid email address (or have it in your profile) so I can contact you.

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Anonymous said...

James and the Giant Peach?

JoAnn said...

Way to go! And I thought I had chose a quote that would be harder to nail down. Ha! I guess you know your books.

Anonymous said...

I actually just read it not too long ago to my youngest. I had to think a bit, because I couldn't exactly remember which book it was, but I knew it was one, I'd read recently.

It's a great book! We don't own it, but I would love to!! Yay!!!