Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art Appreciation - Freemont Troll

We had a great day with some friends today. Our initial plan was to go to Whirligig in Seattle.

My kids LOVE inflatable rides and today was the last free day. When we got there it was just a tad big crazy and very loud. We waited in line and let the kids go on a few of the inflatables. They even let me take Josh on a couple of them even though it was under the age limit and I was over both the age and weight limit.

When it was time to eat so we found a quiet, covered spot outside to sit and eat our picnic lunch. The kids ate and then played in and among some small statues near where we were sitting. They were having a ball and my friend and I were enjoying some quiet time to just chat. Then Josh did this...

He fell on the sidewalk and skinned up his chin pretty good. He cried a little bit but it really didn't seem to phase him all that much. I used a wipe to clean it up, nursed him, and tried to put a band aide on it. He was more unhappy about the band aide than the scrape. (I took this photo later in the day.)

Then I took everyone to see the troll that lives under the Aurora Bridge in Seattle. I was the only one who had seen him before and it was fun seeing their reaction. They LOVED him.

Here's Mika and Sammy standing in front of the troll. It was a hard photo to get because they didn't want to stop climbing all over him. And, yes, that is a real VW bug incorporated into the statue. He's huge!

Like I said, the kids had a ball climbing all over the troll. Here they are climbing up his hand and arm. On the other side, they climbed over his arm and shoulder. Some other kids there at the same time as us were sitting on his head. It makes a great climbing structure (minus the litter careless people leave behind).

And this is what happens when you tell a 6 year old boy it is time to say goodbye to Mr. Troll. All the kids definitely appreciated this piece of art.

On the way back to our car, we saw this beautiful flower next to the sidewalk all by itself. Anyone know what it is?

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Scott said...

It's a flower. An orange flower...

Anonymous said...

Oh, bless his little heart! He's a tough little guy. The troll looks so neat. My youngest son and Hip Rider would have been terrified of that one. LOL