Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Map Assessment Results

Do you remember that horrid test my kids took last week? Well, I got Sammy's test results back over the phone today with hard copies on their way in the mail. Mika's results are still in limbo as they have been unable to retrieve them (it's a computerized test).

Despite my strong negative opinion of the test, it appears to be accurate. The results put Sammy right about where I would expect him to be. I'm still wondering how Mika's results will turn out since she was very upset throughout much of the test.

Here's the bottom line for Sammy.

First of all, you need to know that he turned 6 halfway through this school year, making him a kindergartner by age. He is officially in the first grade though. This test considers 50th percentile to be normal for that grade level.

For math, he tested in the 98th percentile for first grade.
For reading, he tested in the 68th percentile for first grade.

The results are just where I'd expect him to be because he enjoys and excels in math. Language arts subjects, like spelling and reading, are more difficult for him because of the language delays he dealt with for the first 5 years of his life. Apparently, he's caught up now, given that he tested above average for the grade level ahead of his age. LOL

Sammy likes to eat Smarties candy. He says he likes them and eats them because they'll make him smart. I guess they work. : )

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