Monday, April 14, 2008

Separation of Church and State

There are many reasons why we chose to school our children and home. One of them is the hypocrisy found rampant in the public school system and I just saw a perfect example of that on the evening news.

The dalai lama is up in Seattle, only 30 minutes from here, and its been big in the news. Today's story was about the Seeds of Compassion children's day at the Seattle Center and touched on how the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction encouraged schools to bring their students to see this event. She talked about how the Buddhist kids would obviously want to see their spiritual leader and how it was good for all kids to see him speak on compassion.

How does the Superintendent of Public Instruction urging local public schools to take their students to see the Buddhist leader fit with separation of church and state? Apparently, separation of church and state only matters when you are talking about religious beliefs that center around the Bible. And to prove that, here's a direct quote from the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction in response to whether she would arrange for schools to bring their students to see the Pope, the Catholic equivalent of the dalai lama.

Her answer, "No, I probably couldn't get away with the Pope but the dalai lama is a man of the whole world."


If the schools are going to use public money to take kids to see the Buddhist leader, I think they should be fair and represent all of the major religions. It's all of none; they need to make up their mind.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!!