Thursday, May 22, 2008

Curriculum Blahs

I've been thinking curriculum for what seems like forever and I still don't know what I'm going to do. I do know that we are adding in more subjects and work next year but not which curriculums we will be using. Why do making decisions have to be so hard?! Here are my scattered thoughts that bring no conclusions:

Spelling - Looking for something new, especially for Mika. I'm considering Spelling Workout which is a similar format to what we are used to. I'd just have to figure out which levels to use. I've also considered Spelling Power because of it only requires the kids to study the words they don't already know which would be good for Mika.

Phonics - Probably stick with Spectrum for Sammy and discontinue phonics for Mika.

Grammer - This is the subject I'm stuck on the most. Spectrum Language Arts would probably work just fine for Sammy but it has too much repetition for Mika. I'm looking for a good overview of all grammar rather than something that will have lots of repetition and review with only a small amount of new material added each year doesn't work well for her. Rod & Staff has been recommended but I'm not sure even after looking at their samples. I still have to think about it.

Penmanship - I've held off on cursive with Mika so she needs to learn it next year. Sammy wants to learn cursive as well. I don't know what to use but I do know that I want the traditional cursive I learned in school and not the new italics style.

Language - I see the benefit of teaching Latin and it has been recommended for Mika. Scott thinks I should teach them Spanish. Thanks to tae kwon do, Sammy wants to learn Korean. I don't think three languages at once would be a good idea. Whichever we chose, we'll probably use Rosetta Stone online since I'll have access to it.

Math - We'll continue with Math-U-See. Mika will be in delta. Sammy will do beta and gamma per his request.

Social Studies/History/Geography/Science - We'll do some kind of unit study. There's a good chance will continue with what we are already doing which is following Konos scope and sequence but personalizing it our way. I'm also looking at My Father's World which I want to explore in detail at the curriculum fair next month.

Art/Drawing - Mika wants to learn to draw. Rod & Staff's sells artpacs that have a nice looking scope and sequence. I'm also interested in GeeGuides. There's a website that I'm aware of that would work as a springboard of me teaching it myself since I have experience in drawing. I'm not sure what I'll do.

PE - Tae kwon do for Sammy. Big ol' question marks for Mika.

Writing - We've started and I'll continue with Institute for Excellence in Writing for Mika. I'll also encourage her to continue her creative writing. I'll hold off on writing for Sammy.

Health - I want to do some kind of formal health class for the kids.

Literature - Read alouds and discussion of classical literature.

So, there it thoughts. Can you tell I'm still a long way away from making decisions? Hopefully, I'll figure something out after the convention.

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