Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pioneer Farm Museum

Hope all of you moms out there had a great Mother's Day. Mine turned out alright considering the fact that I've been battling a low grade fever and the accompanying aches since yesterday. Sammy has a runny nose and slight cough as well.

Because I wasn't feeling well, I went to bed at 8pm last night. That's very early for me. Then I got to sleep in which was nice. I needed it. My family woke me up late with a "Happy Mother's Day" and handmade cards. Altogether, Mika made me four cards and Sammy made three. They've been working for a couple of weeks on them. Scott bought me flowers after I went to bed, too, so they were waiting for me on the table. They are so very pretty and cheery.

After we finally got up and dressed, we headed out the door to Pioneer Farm Museum, about an hour from us. On the way, we stopped for lunch at an A&W and KFC combo place. The drive out to Pioneer Farm Museum was pretty and the weather was mostly nice. The kids watched the Wizard of Oz on the way (we finished reading the book recently).

When we got to the farm, we had to wait about 5 minutes for our tour to begin. Here's Scott and Josh hanging out while we waited. Meanwhile, Mika and Sammy were climbing on nearby large rocks. Sammy was standing on one particular rock declaring, "I am Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon!" (We've been learning about astronomy and watched Apollo 13 twice...can you tell?)

Our first stop was the cabin. This is a cabin built to show kids what kind of chores pioneer children would have helped with and what the living conditions would have been like. They make sure to explain that the cabin is twice the size it would normally have been to accommodate groups. After a quick explanation of the activities they could try out, my kids headed straight out the door for the laundry. Here's Sammy trying out the wringer with Josh watching.
Once the laundry was done, Sammy headed back inside to play with the bread dough. He told me he wishes he could "make biscuits" like this at home. I told him we could do that easily so I'll have to plan that in the near future.
Meanwhile, Mika was trying her hand at grinding corn into corn meal. She thinks all of this is great fun and that she'd love to live on a farm just like this one. What she doesn't realize is how old all these chores would get if you had to do them every day.
After the cabin, we headed over to the barn, my kids' favorite part of the farm. Here's Josh getting acquainted with their horse/pony mix.
And here's the farm's pig, Bacon Bits, getting a little too friendly for Josh's comfort. He sure did love the animals though. He went into each animal's stall to say, "Hi". They have the horse, a jersey cow, two sheep (one was 3 weeks old), a goat, a pig, a bunny, ducks, and chickens, all of which you are allowed to visit with and pet. Josh was especially enamored with the chickens and was frustrated by the fact that when he went into the outdoor part of their pen, they ran inside and when he went to the inside part of their pen, they ran outside. They just wouldn't let him near them.

Mika loved the ducks and ducklings.
She also has a thing for milking cows. She tries milking every cow she can real or fake. In addition to exploring the barn, the kids also had the opportunity to see a demo of the blacksmith and carpentry shops and to try some of the tasks int here. The kids like working the carpentry tools a lot.
I think the highlight of the day for my kids was getting to ride on the pony. We've been to the farm twice before with a homeschool group and each time they got a wagon right. But for our small group, they brought out the pony instead. Mika LOVES horses and glad hopped into the saddle.

Sammy enjoyed his ride as well.
After the rides were all done, we got a quick look at a real 100+ year old log cabin that is still filled with original furniture and other belongings of the families that owned it. Then the kids got to explore the school house where Sammy gave all of the kids in our group a math lesson. It was sweet hearing his voice carry over to where I was sitting nursing Josh at the general store.
The kids really love this place. This was our third visit and they still want to come back many times.
On the way home, we stopped by Dairy Queen for blizzards. After getting home, I gave Josh a bath while Scott washed dishes. Then we ordered pizza for a late dinner and watched the season finale. It was a pretty good way to spend Mother's Day.

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HOw fun...what a great activity!!! That sounds like so much fun! I am thinking about homeschooling, but am somewhat terrified too...still on the fence!

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