Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sammy Singing and Other Sounds

Every house has a different sound. I thought I'd share what you might hear if you came to my house. The picture is actually horrible quality because our house is very dark inside and I was using our digital camera but it was the sounds that I was going for anyway.

Here's what you will hear if you chose to listen to this 1 minute 22 second clip:

Sammy singing "Let Them Be Little" which he uploaded to a social networking site for homeschoolers. He visits his page on this site every day so he can sing this song over and over and over again. In the background, you'll hear a cat begging to be let outside, Mika playing with Josh in the kitchen, and two quiet versions of Josh's famous screeches. Towards the end, Daddy arrives home so you'll hear the door open and close while Sammy's song fades out.

What does your house sound like?

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