Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Subway Update

It was interesting to see that Subway's contest website has corrected the spelling errors that we (as in homeschoolers) noticed so quickly. There are no more bastkets and Untied States now.

On a more serious note...

Apparently, Scholastic (who is also a sponsor of this contest) has posted a public apology on several homeschool forums. While they include Subway in their apology, it is not apparent that Subway has, themselves, apologized. American Thinker covers the full story of the contest, the backlash, the apology, and a previous blunder made by Subway with a similar backlash.

Another thing homeschoolers can do...

I printed the contest page and highlighted the home school exclusion clause and took it to them. The woman I spoke with agreed that it was unfair to exclude homeschooled kids. She wants to let her regional manager and owner know about the contest and its exclusion, the response to it in in the homeschool community, and how it could hurt their business. Perhaps if Subway corporate received pressure from their franchise owners they'll change their practices.

So, it might be a good idea to visit your local Subways and let them know what's going on.

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AudreyO said...

I came back to read if you had an update on this. I really hope that Subway will reconsider their policy.

Anonymous said...

Well, Subway made an apology again today, but it is a cheap and childish apology. It reminded me of one of my children who were caught, and were sorry that they were caught not for what they did. That they apologize to anyone "who feels excluded" is irritating. Um, we don't feel anything, it is a fact that we were excluded. And let's not forget their "inadvertent limitation" of the contest. It was not inadvertent, they specifically contradict that statement in the earlier paragraph by stating their intention was to provide an opportunity for traditional schools. Some people may be pacified by the apology, but I feel it only added insult to injury. They knew what they did and they only apologized when it started to affect their bottom line, then they didn't even have the courage to make a decent apology owning up to the mistake like an adult would.