Thursday, May 29, 2008

Subway's Apology

Subway has finally issued a direct apology (vs. Scholastic doing it for them) and posted it on their website. I believe our cumulative response was successful in gaining Subway's attention.

On an interesting and related note, my husband has been in email contact with the CEO of a social media measurement company. The business of this company is to monitor social media (ie. blogs) to determine how the public views their clients. This is an important service in this day and age because, as you have seen, word spreads like wild fire through blogs. When we like something, we tell everyone about it and it enhances the company's sales. When we don't like something, we also tell everyone about it and it hurts the company's sales Monitoring what people are saying about a company allows that company to have an immediate and appropriate response to their customers. This CEO commented on my husband's blog with his expert opinion on how Subway handled this issue. The basic gist? Subway shot itself in the foot on this one in many ways.

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