Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tacoma Kids Weekly - Week of May 19, 2008

I think that the world (locally, at least) stopped everything in order to prepare for the fast approaching summer vacation. So, after much searching, I still don't have much to report for upcoming free and inexpensive events for the week.

Thursday, May 22,2008
It's Farmer's Market season. Visit Tacoma's Farmer's Market on Broadway and 9th downtown from 9am to 2pm each Thursday through the summer. The Blackberry Bushes will be this week's entertainment. Go! Buy some fresh produce for dinner, fresh flowers for your table, and listen to some music.

Saturday, May 24, 2008
Have you ever heard of a street scramble? I haven't been to one but I want to because they sound fun. You are given map of the city with 30 locations circled. You need to find as many locations (foot powered - walking or biking) as you can within a time limit and answer a mulitple choice questions whose answer can be found at the location (ie. What is the lsecond word on the plaque?) Then you return to the start before the time is up. There are different competitions, including different time limits, solo, team, family, etc. There's also refreshments, music, booths, and awards. Check it out and consider giving it a try. It's free (some street scrambles charge a small fee) but you need mail in your registration form.

Today would be a good day to visit the Museum of Flight because the Cascade Warbirds will be flying in and will be on display in the parking lot. Get an upclose look at some restored vintage military aircraft and talk to their pilots. Planes will arrive around 9am. If you have the funds, consider visiting the rest of the museum after you check out the warbirds. A B-17 bomber will be available for ground tours and flights. The airpark should be open; you can tour Air Force One and a Concorde and see other planes. Inside, there's more, including an exhibit on space.

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