Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Days Equals Happy Mama

I've had a good couple of days and, other than this headache, I'm feeling pretty happy about it all. I wanted to write about it all as it was happening but I just didn't have the time.

First, there was Thursday. Thursday, my daughter and I decided to go shopping to look for a new dress for each of us. We ended bring home a pink t-shirt that said "Drama Queen" on it for Mika. I've been looking for one for her for a while. Then we got this very cute pink and white striped dress for Mika. It fits her shape perfectly and looks very cute on her. We also got her another three piece outfit that's primarily aqua and white and is the cutest thing I've seen on her. I couldn't not buy it after seeing it on her. She's wearing it for Father's Day tomorrow. We also found her some much needed underwear and socks for about 50% off.

In addition to finding some cute clothes for Mika, I found an outfit for myself. It is very unusual that I find something that fits well, let alone something I like. Thursday I struck gold. The outfits fits well, looks good, is fashionable (I'm never fashionable), and I just love it. I wore it yesterday and I felt so good all day.

Yesterday, I awoke in the most sweet way possible. My toddler had woken up and gently crawled over to me and planted a little kiss on my lips while I was still asleep. Nice way to wake up, huh? I spent the morning bathing all three kids and myself, getting everyone dressed, doing my daughter's hair nice, and going my hair and makeup (a rare thing). As we are out of cereal, I cooked breakfast too. We had eggs, chocolate-chip waffles (reheated from Thursday), fried potatoes, and chocolate milk. Yum! By the time all this was done, it was time to leave. We were going to up my husband's work to meet his co-workers and swap cars so he could take the boys (his car doesn't have a seat for Josh). Mika and I headed out to the Washington Homeschool Convention.

At the convention, we saw Adora Svitak speak. I wanted Mika to see her because she shares a lot of writing. I was hoping it would inspire her to continue to strengthen her writing. We sat through the entire presentation and then Mika got starstruck and wouldn't talk to her. We spent the rest of the time browsing the convention and running into a few people we knew, including one of Mika's newest friends. I was wearing my new outfit and received a ton of compliments. I ended up spending only $25 (which is awesome) to buy a video on making costumes cheaply and without sewing. Hopefully, I'll use the video to make some play clothes for acting out some of our history. So, a recap of the day...wake up kiss by baby, clean and nicely dressed children, yummy breakfast, lots of compliments, browsing homeschool materials, and not overspending. Can a day get any better than that?

Today, I made breakfast again (fried eggs and banana pancakes) before heading out to the convention again. My husband went to the store for a few things to save me time and took care of the kids so I could spend the day at the convention alone. Isn't that wonderful? At the convention, I listened to a workshop that, while interesting, didn't really give me anything new. I chatted with a lady in the workshop and then headed out to browse more curriculum. It was fun and interesting. I love looking through curriculum and school stuff.

My plan for the convention was to investigate My Father's World, look for a language arts/grammar curriculum for Mika, and check out latin programs. I ended up ruling out My Father's World, buying a science curriculum, buying a history curriculum, and getting a recommendation for a language arts curriculum. I thought I had decided on science and was either going to be My Father's World or our modified Konos that we've been doing. Well, it's neither. LOL I'm happy with my choices though, and I'll talk about them in another post.

I came home to the kids playing outside with dad. It was great weather for it. It was so nice to see the family enjoying themselves outside. I spent a few minutes checking in and then proceeded inside to start on dinner. I didn't know what I was going to make, but I did know we had pork chops in the fridge. I ended up baking chocolate chip cookies (totally not planned but have been on my mind lately). Meanwhile, I fried the pork chops and made latkes to go with it, which I served with a dollop of sour cream. I've never made latkes before but they turned out good. After dinner we enjoyed the cookies with milk while watching Black Beauty, which we'll begin reading tomorrow or Monday.

All that to say, I've enjoyed the last three days.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. We have some surprise fun planned but I can't tell you about it because my husband reads my blog. Hope you all have a happy Father's Day.

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Montserrat said...

Sounds like a perfectly lovely end to your week. I still want to go to a good homeschool conference but there never seems to be one out by where we live.