Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Hotel

We checked into the hotel last night and the kids were immediately happy with our room. We picked beds, unpacked, donned our swimsuits, and went swimming for an hour. The pool was packed with other homeschoolers from our group. The kids loved it and I got to meet Mrs. Hannigan who had linked to me from her curriculum review blog on a recent post. It was cool to meet a fellow blogger!

This morning I woke up to this scene in the bed next to mine. Sammy was literally using Mika's tummy as a pillow. This, folks, is why they say not to let older siblings sleep with infants. I repositioned Sammy so he wasn't laying on his sister anymore and they both went right on snoozin' as if nothing happened. They were both oblivious to the world this moring.

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Deb said...

They look so adorable!

I'm glad you are back on and that Scott was able to walk you through fixing your photo options. Those of us who didn't go to Portland are hoping for lots of pictures :)