Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting for the Bus

Just three hours prior to the above event my kids and I walked down the sidewalk past the very spot that the bus stop now occupies. This is exactly the reason my kids are not allowed to play on the 10 foot wide strip of grass between the sidewalk and the side of the street. The number of accidents on my block is absolutely astounding.

We live on a major arterial that gets a lot of traffic daily. The speed limit is 30mph. Most people drive between 35 and 40mph and sometimes as high as 50mph. Occasionally, we hear cars in the middle night just flying down the street; they must be going at least 60mph. It's crazy. To add to that, the two cross streets between which we live, have stop signs that many people ignore.

Ignoring the stop sign is exactly what caused the above accident. The car that ended up in the bus stop was driving northbound on our street when another car ran the stop sign and clipped the backend of his car. That sent him spinning into the bus stop. Thankfully, no one was sitting there waiting for the bus and everyone was alright.

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Montserrat said...

Whoa, nellie! That's scary.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for His divine protection! I'm so glad your littles weren't hurt.