Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Am I Losing My Mind Yet?

Heard in my home recently...

I want to live in South Korea.

Joshua, close the refrigerator door please.
No, close it.
No, you can't have any eggs.
I said close it.
Joshua, close it.
Out! Now!

(Sammy singing frantic at high volume) We are the pirates who don't do anything....
(Sammy still singing frantically) We are the pirates who don't do anything....
(Me) Sammy, have you lost your mind?
(Sammy) Yes, upstairs in my room.
(Me) Maybe you should go find it.
(Sammy) Ok.
Sammy walks upstairs and comes down a couple minutes later.
(Me) Did you find it?
(Sammy) Yes.
(Me, noting the absense of frantic, high volume singing) Oh, good.

I want to live in Tokyo.

(It's a sickening sound really. Josh had opened the refrigerator, opened the egg carton, and got out an egg without anyone noticing. He then carried the egg to the living room and slammed it down on the corner of the coffee table.)

I want to live in Alaska. What?! It's very beautiful in Alaska.

(Sammy) How about Alexandria Melissa?
(Everyone else) No.
(Mika) How about Alexandra?
(Everyone else) No.
(Mika) Jessica?
(Everyone else) No.
(Me, reading off the random baby namer) Beruria Keila? Maysa Holliday?Majorca Alysia?
(Everyone else) NO! NO! NO!
(Me) How about Allison?
Note: Naming a baby when you have two people who don't have the same tastes in names is not easy. Adding in two opinionated children and it becomes impossible.

I want to live in Paris because of the Eiffel Tower. Now don't ask me anymore questions.

(Josh, pointing at the apples) Nana. Nana.

(Josh, trying to open the new locked refrigerator) Shriek!

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Liza on Maui said...

A day in the life of a mom :)

At least these will create fun memories to look back :)