Thursday, July 3, 2008


Now that I've explained our involvement in CVA, this post will make a lot more sense.

With our new and exciting news, I need to schedule and plan this coming school year differently. I expect to need time off in March with the new baby arriving. I'd prefer to take the whole month off. However, because I've chose to report to CVA, I do not have the ability to simply not do school. However, CVA is so great about its flexiblity, I do have a workable option in the form of banking hours.

We can start school as early as August 1st in order to begin banking hours. So, I'm replanning school to begin August 4th, the first Monday of August. We'll start our history and science then and gradually ramp up with our other subjects as they arrive. (I still have to order them.) We'll also take two weeks off in December instead of the allotted four. The rest of our needed bank hours will come from any overages each week leading up to the baby's birth. This will enable me to focus on recovering from birth and getting to know the baby without having to worry about getting school done or getting behind.

Wish us luck!

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Lisa Russell said...

I didn't know you were expecting, congratulations.
We used the homeschool tracker software last year and I was so pleasantly surprised that we went overboard on hours every single time.

Essien said...

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