Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mind Dump

I feel as if I have nothing in my mind to dump but it's been several days since I've posted something and I have no brain power to come up with a coherent, single-topic post. So, I'll just ramble.

While we are still rather busy, everything is moving in slow motion. Well, at least I am moving in slow motion. I have absolutely no energy or ability to move quickly. I'm falling behind in chores. (Anyone want to come do my laundry for me?) I'm falling behind in my special projects. (Anyone want to come declutter and organize my house so we can replace the flooring and get Mika moved into her new bedroom?) I'm barely getting the bare minimum done. I'm hoping this improves some. It didn't when I was pregnant with Mika or Sammy but it did, most days, with Josh. Why, oh why, am I pregnant again when I know how hard it is on my body?

On a whole different topic...we are suppose to be going camping next week. We always go camping over Labor Day weekend but this year we decided to go for five whole days. Five days! What was I thinking?! Now the extended forecast is for mid-60's and showers at least three of the five days we are going there. Camping in the rain for three young children. That will be fun! Oh, and we are going camping at the beach. Maybe we'll get lucky and the weather will do a major turn around and be hot and sunny instead. Right?

On the school front, we're doing ok. We've managed to get a little bit into the swing of things. We've been getting phonics and grammar completed but not spelling and writing. We've been doing math every day. History is caught back up. That's the one I'm worried about getting behind in because I'm trying to squeeze a 42 week curriculum into 36 weeks. Science is behind but that curriculum doesn't even begin to cover a whole year unless you supplement it heavily so I'm not worried about it at all. School officially begins next week so I'll have to find a way to rev things up and get it all done each day. I'm making progress on writing my kids' learning plans so that's good. I won't be scrambling last minute to get them done before they are due.

We just finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins. The kids loved it. I knew they would. It was one of my favorites in grade school. We're reading Where the Red Fern Grows next, starting tonight.

Hubby declared himself the family hero last night. After hearing why, I agree...he's a hero. Apparently, when he went into the bathroom yesterday morning, he found himself face to face with a giant house spider just inches from the light switch. It was bigger than the one that I called him home from work to kill a couple years ago. Neither Mika nor I would have survived such an encounter.

Well, that's all for now.

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