Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pharaoh Cluckworthy - Part 2

I mentioned last Tuesday that we are mummifying a chicken to go along with our Ancient Egypt studies. After four days, we saw that his salt was quite wet so we decided it was time to change out Cluckworthy's salt. The thing we noticed right away was his smell. There's no scent of decay anywhere. Instead we found the strong, overbearing stench of rubbing alcohol. My husband is grateful we decided to use the rubbing alcohol soak before dehydrating him. The kids, however, aren't aware of just how much better rubbing alcohol smells over decay.

Here's the kids and I doing our best to rub all of the salt off of his skin. The kids worked the outside while I worked his insides. His heart is looking pretty shriveled already but isn't quite there yet.

After removing as much salt as we could, we weighed him. He's lost 5 1/2 ounces already. I wonder what his total weight loss will be.

Here we are filling him back up with salt. I was holding the bag open and shifting things around so the kids could get the salt all around him. He's back in his Tupperware container now, resting peacefully.

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Traci Best said...

Oh Glory Joann! You are SO brave! I'm about to hurl just thinking about it!

HOWEVER...I am extremely excited to see how it comes out!!!

;) Traci

Anonymous said...

That sounds really neat and interesting but sad for clucky. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is fun, isn't it. LOL We just changed out our mixture and I have posted about it on my blog. I'll be checking it again in a few days.