Monday, September 29, 2008

Why I'm Voting This Year

Yesterday, I wrote about why I don't vote anymore. Despite the fact that I still feel that my vote doesn't matter, I will be voting this year. If there is any chance at all that my vote will be counted and will make a difference, I feel that I must vote...not for someone, but against someone.

I have paid more attention to this presidential election than any other with the exception of the Bush-Gore race in 2000. I have read news reports, watched the recent debate, read about the candidate's beliefs and records, and discussed the election with my husband. As a result, I am shocked and appalled that the American people would allow Barack Obama on the ticket, let alone elect him. According to an issue match survey, I should be voting Libertarian; however, I will not be voting that way. In a race as close as this one looks to be, voting for a third party candidate would risk handing the Presidency to Obama and I can't do that. While I am not impressed with McCain, he has my vote simply because he's the best chance at preventing Obama from winning the election. Obama MUST be prevented from winning the election! Below are a few of the reasons I believe Obama must be stopped.

  1. Partial-birth abortion (a.k.a D&X) is wrong! Forcing a woman's body to go into labor prematurely and then delivering the baby's body while preventing the delivery of the head so that the doctor can shove a pair of surgical scissors into the base of his or her skull, is gruesome and inhumane. Had that same baby been born prematurely to another woman, she would have fought tooth and nail to save his or her life. I cannot support a candidate who supports this practice of murdering babies. (Jennifer at Et tu wrote a wonderful article about her conversion from pro-choice to pro-life, including how she feels people rationalize abortion like she had. It's worth reading.)
  2. Leaving a newborn baby to die without any medical care, or at the very least euthanasia is despicable! When a baby survives an abortion, something needs to be done to help that infant. It is no longer in the woman's body; the woman's right to choose no longer applies. To leave a baby to gasp for breath and suffer while it dies, without any assistance at all, is inhumane. Obama opposed legislation that would require helping these poor babies because he feared giving these babies the same rights as a wanted baby born prematurely at the same stage of development would hurt abortion rights. Even the most staunch pro-choice advocates were okay with that legislation, but Obama still opposed it. How does the fact that the woman doesn't want her baby change his or her status as a living, breathing human being? If we can justify leaving these babies to die, can't we also justify a mother neglecting an older child until they die also?
  3. I can't afford Obama to be President. We, like many families, are being hit by the rising costs of...well...everything. We've been able to stay afloat by changing our habits and doing without certain things. If Obama becomes president and manages to convince Congress to increase programs, and thus spending, we can expect to see an increase in taxes. Personally, I would rather remain standing on my own two feet than be forced into government programs because the government took too much of our income.
  4. It isn't fair to tax people who make good decisions more than those who make poor decision. From everything I read and hear from Democratic candidates, I should support making the wealthy pay more taxes, because that would reduce my tax responsibility, but I don't. I don't believe it is fair to penalize people who make good financial decisions in order to support those who make poor financial decisions. A flat tax is the only fair tax.
  5. It isn't fair to tax estates. Why should someone's estate (and the heirs of that estate) be penalized just because a rich person had the audacity to die? Besides, that money was already taxed when it was made. Obama wants to not only increase the income tax that these people pay when they are alive but force them to give 45% of their estate to the government when they die. Tax income, at a flat rate, one time when it is made.
  6. Obama wants to be a dictator who removes our right to freedom of speech. Obama has asked Missouri law enforcement to target anyone who speaks "falsely" against him. His so called "Truth Squad" will be "reminding voters that Barack Obama is a Christian who wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year." So, what if you're a Missouri resident that doesn't believe that? "Better not say so or else," threatens the truth squad. Only what Obama wants them to believe will be accepted as "truth". Where is the free speech in this? Not only that, but he wants to create a civilian national security force. Could this be the beginning of the American gestapo? I don't want to find out. (Ironically, today's history lesson for my kids included the explanation of dictatorship.)

There are more reasons why Obama is bad for America and should not be allowed to become president. These are only some of the more atrocious ones. I'm afraid of what could happen in our country if he succeeds in his bid for presidency.

Now back to our regular homeschool programming....

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Unknown said...

Oh Wow!! Amen! Amen! Great post! And Great Reasons!! :)

Mommy to One said...

I agree 100%! Another thought...I wonder how many pro-abortioners would be all up in arms if the same procedures and policies were used on a dog. Animals have rights, you know.