Monday, October 13, 2008

Appropriate is Not How I'd Describe It

A group of California public school first graders were taken on an extra special field trip this past Friday. If you've looked around my blog any, you'll know that I'm all for field trips. I think they are a great way to excite children about learning and that the learning they do during the field trip will be more cemented into their memory that plain textbook reading.

But how would you feel, if you knew that your tax dollars were spent taking those children to their teacher's wedding? This I cannot support. There is nothing educational about a wedding. It isn't tied to their learning plans; it isn't going to help them read better or compute addition better. If the parents just love their child's teacher, let them take their kids to the wedding themselves.

Finally, what if the wedding was a same sex wedding and the kids (at least some of them) were wearing political buttons advertising that people should vote "No" on an upcoming proposition which will eliminate same sex marriages if it passes? Additionally, the couple completed their wedding day by touring the city in a trolley with banners proclaiming "Just Married" and "Vote No on Prop. 8" on its sides. Isn't this both a political maneuver and an attempt to indoctrinate the kids with the idea that all sexual partnering is acceptable and good...when it isn't?

Of course, parents were notified of the field trip and could opt their children out. Even with the opt-out, I'd be furious.

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Luke Holzmann said...

Yes, this is pretty crazy stuff.


Deb said...

Wow! I'm shocked - this is okay and legal?!?!