Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeschool Lunch

This post is for Sprittibee. She asked what us homeschoolers were having for lunch and wanted a picture included. So, here it is...

Today's lunch consisted of sandwiches on homemade bread with homemade apple crisp. The apple crisp was leftover from dessert a couple nights ago and we need to get it eaten up. The kids don't like cooked apples so they just had apple slices. The sandwich is on my homemade bread and includes ham, cheddar cheese, onions, roma tomatoes, romaine lettuce, pickles, mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper. Yummy!

Now before you go thinking I'm a super mom, let me tell you that I am not. This is not a regular meal during the school year. (We eat it a lot during the summer though when I don't have to teach, too.) Normal lunches around here are sandwiches on store bought bread (ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, pb&j, tune, grilled cheese) or leftovers. Sometimes I'll pull out some kind of easy prepared food like Kraft Mac & Cheese, chicken nuggets, or fish sticks. If we are out and about for a good part of the day, lunch will likely be fast food.

So, there you go...homeschool lunch.

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Sprittibee said...

Lookin' good, mama! I'm with you - it is hard to admit the fishsticks, isn't it?! Makes me sound like a tempest in a teapot after all my ranting about public school lunch rooms and how unhealthy they are.