Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whoo Hoo, I Saved $75

More than a year ago, Sammy decided that he wanted his head shaved. I used hubby's beard trimmer to do it. It took a couple of hours to finish the job because I could only do a little bit of the job before the clippers had to be recharged. They obviously weren't intended to cut a full head of hair.

At the time, I thought he would tire of the cut quickly. He didn't. He's still sporting the same 1/8th inch long hair. I've gotten busier with Josh ransacking the house behind me and it has been hard to keep up with Sammy's hair cuts. So, I took him to the local children's hair place that my kids love so much. Five minutes later, I was $25 poorer. Actually, $50 poorer because I also let Mika get her hair cut. Ouch!

So, I went out and bought myself a pair of hair clippers. I made my money back the same day by cutting Sammy's hair, Josh's hair (his first hair cut), and Scott's hair. Any other hair cuts done with the clippers would be money saved.

Monday, I saved my family $75. I shaved Sammy's hair with the 1/8th inch attachment. Then I moved on to Josh and cut his hair down to 1/2 inch. He sat nicely for it, too, unlike the first time. Then I took a gamble and cut Mika's hair. She wanted it shoulder-length.

Here's Mika sporting her new haircut. Looks like I've finally figured out how to cut hair well. I'm glad because those awful uneven cuts I was giving previous were pretty sad.

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