Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Harvest Festival

I've been so busy that I am about 2 weeks behind on posts relating to things we are doing in homeschooling and family life. For example, I never got around to posting the photo I took of the kids in their costumes from last week.

The kids dressed up and we all went to a friend's church for their Harvest Festival. The kids played with their friends, enjoyed games, participated in mini-shows on the main stage, and collected candy.

Scott and I sat on comfy couches and visited with friends. We felt comfortable letting Mika and Sammy run off on their own. Josh played a little while in a toddler area and then slept most of the evening before waking up to play some more.

It was a nice, restful evening for us and a loud, fun evening for the kids.

Mika was a fairy. She wore her old ice skating outfit, a pair of pretty green wings we found at Fred Meyer for $4, and sparkly pink tights we found at Target for under $2. I ran out of time for Sammy's costume so I paid full retail price for Sammy to be Indiana Jones. Josh is a Seahawk's fan.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

They are adorable! I wondered what the baby was, but now it is obvious :)