Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our School Room

A couple of weeks ago (November 7th to be exact) Heart of the Matter had a Friday meme asking us homeschoolers to post about our school rooms. Well, I promised photos to someone and it has taken me this long to clean up the school room to be able to post the photos.

To prove that I'm not perfect, I thought I'd post a before photo. Actually, this photo was after I had already gotten about half of the cleaning done in there as I didn't think to take one when I had started. This room has been unusable for several months now.

Here is our school room today. I finally finished it. Sammy is excited to be able to do school in the school room again. LOL

The shelves in the back hold everything. In those shelves you can find my scrapbooking supplies, curriculum and teacher's manuals, my home office, school supplies, our current school work and projects, games, my knitting/crochet stuff, arts/craft supplies, our color printer (plugged in only we I need it), the dog's crate, and Josh's buggy. It truly is a multi-purpose room.

Here's the wall to the right. It has our maps and a giant white board on it. Rolled up above everything is our Konos time line we hardly ever use. It's a pain to unroll but we don't have room to have it out permanently either. That door is our coat closet.

Here's the other wall. It's almost entirely windows. The shelves hold some reference books, nonfiction videos, library books, baby/toddler/picture books, and coloring books. We got rid of almost our entire collection of books in favor of an ever changing library shelf. We just don't have the room to be storing a lot of books.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

You did an amazing job cleaning and organizing that room. I know it was a big job, you must be so glad it is done.

Anonymous said...

It is a challenge to keep school stuff, craft stuff, and everything else tidy. It's nice you have a central place to do it. It looks great!

I can just imagine all the goodness created on and around your table! ;)

Suswan said...


Anonymous said...

You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work.