Thursday, November 6, 2008

Remember Cluckworthy, Our Chicken Mummy

Does anyone remember that we started making a chicken mummy way back in September? Well, we haven't forgotten him. He's still drying. Maybe he's done. I haven't checked him since last week when we put him in salt again.

Here are the kids cleaning the old salt solution off of him.

Here's Sammy showing off Cluckworthy and his heart.

I guess I should check on him again soon and see if it is time to wrap him up. Before I do that, does anyone know where I can find cheap, and I mean CHEAP, fake jewels I can buy for him?

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The Four Week Vegan said...

Love all those hands on projects that make learning come alive!

Anonymous said...

We are planning a chicken mummy later this year. Looks like your kids are having lots of fun.

Have you tried for the fake jewels?

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

We tried mummifying a chicken a few years ago... but the boys weren't interested enough to overcome the gross factor for me and I threw it out.

Try a craft store for cheap jewels or just cut some out of construction paper.