Saturday, November 8, 2008

Too Much Socialization?

Thought I'd share a couple humorous photos with you all.

First there's this photo taken a couple of days ago. It's Josh...he passed out on the floor while still holding onto the table.

There there's this one of Sammy from last night. It will make more sense with the background story....

The day started with him waking up and doing chores. Then he went to taekwondo class for an hour. After that, we came home so he could change and we could eat lunch. Once lunch was done, we climbed into the car and drove to the Tacoma Dome parking garage and caught the light rail (the kids love it, it's free & I don't have to pay for parking) towards downtown. From there, we spent an hour and a half at the children's museum. From the children's museum, we headed back to our car via light rail and went to our friend's house for a three hour play date. Finally, we made it home.

Then, after dinner, DH pulled Sammy's tooth. While Sammy sat holding a rolled up paper towel in the hole to stop the bleeding, he fell asleep with it still firmly clasped in his mouth.

I think he was tired!

Perhaps, we shouldn't socialize so much. Then I wouldn't have a 6 year old passing out on a fairly regular basis.

But then what would those anti-homeschoolers think?

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earthexpressions said...

This is so funny :) Thanks for sharing...