Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where did Tacoma Kids Weekly Go?

Occasionally, life gets so busy that things just slip by you. I'm sure you know what I mean. It wasn't until this afternoon that I realized I forgot to research and post Tacoma Kids Weekly.

Saturday was spent dropping Mika off at a friend's house 40 minutes away, taking Sammy to his taekwondo tournament, picking Mika up, and cooking a late dinner.

Sunday turned out to be insane. It started with mom getting frustrated with a child that said she didn't like a new pair of jeans as the reason she didn't want to wear them. This is a common excuse for not wearing new clothes that fit and preferring old jeans that are way, way too short. So, we had a fashion show.

I stood in the closet while the kids tried on literally every item of clothing that they owned that was clean and hanging in the closet. If it passed my inspection, it came back to me to put away. If not, it went to the goodwill or hand-me-down pile. Everything that was in the hamper will be tried on as it gets washed.

Then we had to hurry and get ready for church. We were visiting a friend's church. After church, I invited the same friends over for dinner without thinking. My house was a mess, the kitchen was covered in dirty dishes and I didn't have the ingredients for the meal I said I would prepare. I spent the next four and a half hours cleaning, washing dishes, cooking dinner from scratch, and making two chocolate cream pies. I finished enough cleaning and cooking in time and we enjoyed the company. By the time they left, it was 8:30pm.

Monday was spent washing dishes from the night before. Did you know that serving 10 people dinner and then dessert creates a LOT of dishes? I also did some of my grocery shopping, took Sammy to taekwondo, cooked a very simple dinner, finished my absentee ballot, and took off for my weekly Monday night group.

Tacoma Kids Weekly never even entered my mind.

So, if you ever notice it missing, it's not that I've stopped doing it. I'll let you know if I do. It's that life got in the way. If you miss it and are looking for something to do, drop me an email and I'll see if I can carve out some time to send you a few ideas.

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