Friday, December 12, 2008


Ok, I couple of people have noticed my absence from the blog and twitter so I figure I should say...something.

In general, things have been ok. We've been a little bit busy:

December 4th, we went to see A Christmas Carol at the Lakewood Playhouse. While it was fun to go out to a play, as always, this was not the most exciting play to see. It had a strange, long, and boring beginning, a few really odd parts, and some incredibly bad acting on at least one person's part. But, it was the beginning of a new literature unit for us. As I think I posted before, we watched a movie version of the story and are now reading the book.

December 6th, we had a delightful dinner and visit with some old friends. The kids have never met each other and got along well despite a slight age difference. Their kids are older than ours. Our kids asked to go back soon. They definitely enjoyed the visit.

December 10th, the kids and I went to see a play called Dear Santa at the Tacoma Little Theater. The kids enjoyed it. It was definitely designed for kids with silly jokes and deliberately messed up cliches. I usually enjoy most plays I see but found this one a little boring.

Tonight, the older kids and I are going out to a fancy dinner and then to The Coats' Christmas concert with a friend. This is an annual tradition for us which we missed last year. Our friend gifted us half the cost of our tickets so that we could go this year. We love her! We are looking forward to their usual Christmas fare, which usually includes some kind of fun opening (like wrapping themselves in colored Christmas tree lights), a break dancing Santa, running circles around some unsuspecting male volunteer (the crowd is laughing at the beginning because they know what's coming), and the Grinch.

If you've never heard of this local a cappela group, whom we enjoy so much, you should head over to their website and check it out. They are playing samples of their Christmas songs on the main page, have several samples from each of their CD on the "music" page (link at top of the page), and have a promo video at their site. You can also see Sammy singing on stage with them here and here when he was four, I think. They are four local boys who got their start on the street corners at Pike Place Market. They harmonize well and their CDs just don't do them justice, as their on-stage bantering adds so much to the show.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to head down to the Stadium district for a Dicken's Christmas festival. Local businesses will be hosting opening houses with treats and activities. Dicken's era carolers and characters will be strolling about interacting with visitors. Various family friendly performances will be taking place at three indoor stages. There will be other activities as well. Proceeds for some of the activities are all going to a local charity.

Plus, there's the, cleaning, laundry, cooking, a little school, Christmas stuff...etc.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

You are certainly keeping busy and so many Christmas performances - how cool. Have a great time tonight at the concert.

Suswan said...

I'm interested to hear how the Dickens thing went.

Did you get any snow last night? We did. Just enough to make it look pretty.