Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Snow Pictures

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The Four Week Vegan said...

I think your dh is smiling in that first pic - you must have caught him off guard :)

Anonymous said...

Joanne, option #5 which we used in the exact same circumstances ( Suellen was my midwife before too with my 2nd child and I used the franciscan midwives with my 1st before Pearl place was around)

We did it ourselves. I saw my ND, my chiropractor and my massage therapist, my herbalist and my craniosacral person through out. I checked my own blood sugar and urine, I measured fundal height and had blood work done @ the lab (ordered by my ND) I also ate on the brewer diet and had at least 100 grams of protein a day ( was nursing too) and excercized and did kegels daily plus my pregnancy exercizes too.

We had a beautiful and empowering birth of the healthiest child I have had so far. Just a thought.......