Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Victory

My Wii age my be 63 but I can still kick b*tt.

Scott and I squared off at bowling today. The first game I won 156 to 129. He wanted a grudge match. When I started winning the second game, I heard some interesting remarks coming from Scott including:

"You suck!"


The second game ended with me in the lead again: 168 to 146. He wanted yet another grudge match. This time my "age" got the better of me. This exhausted 63 year old finally lost 173 to 183.

Then we moved on to baseball. I won the first game 1 to 4. I also won the grudge match 2 to 3.

For an old fart like me, I did pretty good today. LOL

P.S. Scott wants me to be sure to tell you that he isn't feeling well today.

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Luke Holzmann said...

I hate playing games with my wife for much the same reason.

I hope Scott gets better soon. Nursing wounds can take time, unless your wife provides some tender loving care. [hint hint] [smile]


Suswan said...

Mmmmyeah, after a beating like that I bet he doesn't feel good at all! ;-)

Unknown said...

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