Friday, January 23, 2009

Aggrevating, I Am

I have this rather fun, for me, habit of annoying my daughter when giving her spelling tests.

You know how the teacher usually says the word and then uses it in a sentence. Well, I like to use the words in a sentence, too. However, I like to have even more fun with it and use as many of the previous words in that list in the sentence as well. The sentences get quite goofy and become run-ons after a while. The goofier they get, the more she rolls her eyes at me. And I love it when she rolls her eyes at me; it just makes me want to do it more.

It goes something like this:

squirrels - Mika likes feeding the squirrels.

temperature - Mika enjoys feeding the squirrels outside unless the temperature is too cold.

suddenly - Mika was feeding the squirrels outside until the temperature suddenly became cold.

finally - Mika was finally able to feed the squirrels because the temperature suddenly become warmer.

really - Mika was really happy that she was finally able to feed the squirrels now that the temperature was suddenly warm enough.

...and so on.

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David said...

Sounds like a familiar game. I used to play a similar one with my youngest, though not as elaborate.

Traci Best said...

I *LOVE* this idea! Too bad we already had our spelling test for this week earlier today!!! Waa! I'll have to wait until next week!


I can hardly wait!

This could get tricky...our tests are word families (they will rhyme!) and we have 20 words a week! Yikes!

Traci ;)

Mommy to One said...

That's too funny! Hey, YOU have to have fun with school too!