Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Wii Fit Problem

Scott bought us Wii Fit. It arrived Monday so he and the kids had fun setting up their profiles and trying it out while I was gone for the evening. They all gave it a thumbs up.

Mika and Sammy couldn't wait until I tried it out Tuesday morning so I finally relented and set up my mii. Of course, my mii is the fat one. I expected that. I am overweight after all. Ok, ok. My weight falls in the obese category. That was fine with me. I know exactly where my weight falls in the health range and am aware of my need to lose. I just can't right now. I suppose to be gaining weight being pregnant and all...

...and that is where my problem comes in. Wii Fit has no setting for pregnancy. Today when I stepped on for my second day, I had gained. Not only was I wearing heavier clothes, I've also finally managed to register a 1-2 pound weight gain. The game took issue with that. So, it pops up asking me why I've gained weight and gave me several reasons to choose from. The reasons included too little activity and too much eating. There were eight reasons all together with the final one being "I don't know." Guess that's as good as any, right?

On a good note...

Even with the weight, I scored well with my Wii Fit age. My initial body test put my age at 33, almost two years less than my actual age. Whoo hoo! I'm not telling what Scott's age was but I'll say he was quite shocked upon hearing my age. ~smile~ I'm also first in many of the activities. tee hee hee

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Spookygirl said...

I just ignore the little comments, LOL!! I am not pregnant, but sometimes I have a gain, and I try not to take the comments to heart ;)