Saturday, March 7, 2009

Attention Maternity Clothing Companies

Pregnant woman need decent jeans! Sure, you make jeans that work ok for cute, young pregnant teenagers but what about us older women who don't have tiny bodies? What about those of us who want some coverage? What about those of us who want our pants to actually stay on our bodies rather than fall down if you dare to sit, bend over (to pick something off), stand up, or walk? Where are the jeans for us?

When I was pregnant with my now 2 year old, I could not find one decent pair of jeans. I ended up with two pairs of jeans that I managed to make work. One was found used and quite worn. The other had an awful HUGE panel with an adjustable elastic in the hem that needed to be pulled 12 inches to be tight enough to stay on. But at least I was clothed, right?

Now I'm pregnant again. I'm still using those two pairs of jeans described above. I need more than two pairs of pants but can't find any. Those old worn jeans now have that obviously worn, dirty look to them. They have a large hole in the panel and small holes beginning where the corners of the pockets are sewn on. The other pair is badly fraying at the ankles. These are my only options for clothing; not exactly appropriate for many situations.

So, I went shopping. What did I find? Jeans that fall off...

The under the belly style are made for little bodies. On mine, I feel like I'm not clothed. And, because I have a pair of capris (too cold to wear them right now), I know they fall off. I find myself needing to pull up by britches, as they used to say, every time I stand from a sitting or bending position. I wonder what all those people who see me getting out of my car think as they watch me pull my pants back up.

I also found the new panel that goes all the way around. I tried them on and they were falling down before I even had a chance to walk out of the fitting room.

Then, finally, there's the half panel. I bought a pair of those with hopes they'd work. I put them on at home and went to wash the dishes. Within ten minutes, I had to stop, dry my hands, and pull them back up. I was standing there, not sitting, not bending, not walking and they were falling down. By the time I made it up my stairs to take them off, they were literally half way down my bottom, exposing any behind me to a not-so-beautiful plumber's crack. Lovely! They are going back tomorrow.

So, my question is this: Does anyone make a pair of maternity jeans that fill fit my 5'5" size 16 body that won't fall off? If you do, let me know. I'd even be willing to try them out and write a review here to let the world know all about them. Heck, I'll even tell the very active homeschooling forum that I frequent, my email groups, and everyone I know in person.

Contact me!

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Homeschool Diva said...

Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Belly line...

I'm 5'4" size 14 and approaching 30. These jeans were heavenly!!

Good luck in your search.