Thursday, March 19, 2009

Group Testing - No Way

Sam took his required annual assessment test this morning. While I watched him, I noticed some humorous behaviors that would NEVER work in a group testing environment. It made me laugh.

He talks through his problems...out loud.

He discusses the problem and explains how he arrived at his solution to whomever is in visual range.

He comments, exclaims, and laughs about the problems. "That's easy!" "Yeah, right!"

He hops from seat to seat. He looks at the computer screen and read the problem then hops to another chair to work the problem on paper. Finally, he hops back to the first seat to choose the answer.

He's in constant motion. Sit. Stand. Sit. Stand. Sit. Stand.

He complains about the problems that are not on the test. "Hey, they aren't giving me any division problems with remainders!"

I'm sure test proctors wouldn't be too happy about his distraction the other students with all his moving and talking. I'm positive that discussing the actual problems and their solutions wouldn't be tolerated.

Good thing he can test at himself.

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Suswan said...

That IS funny. Obviously part of his learning style. I like it. :-)

Tereza Crump said...

I have a six year old daughter that is like that. We don't do any testing though. She does that on normal school work. :) I am glad we home educate. We can let them be themselves. :)

Anonymous said...


While reading the post(before I got to the bottom). I was sweating it out, I fear the *test* when my kids need to take it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...
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RockerMom said...

Too funny! It reminds me of my nephew (who, unfortunately, is having all of this behavior crushed out of him by public school).