Friday, March 13, 2009

Growing Up

Isn't he just the cutest kid?

I was inspired to take this photo because as I walked by I got one of those rare glimpses of what he'll look like as he gets older. Occasionally, you can see the older version of a child in their face. What I saw was a handsome young man.

I'm looking forward to watching him grow up. He's such a joy...most of the time. He's self-motivated with most of his schooling. There's no slowing him down in math, that's for sure. He rarely complains about school; when he does, it's to complain that he's not learning enough or to beg for higher level work. It isn't unusual to find him pouring through our Children's Encyclopedia of American History. He likes to study the list of American presidents in the back of it. Often, he'll insist on sharing everything he's read with us whether we are interested or not.

He has a generous spirit that is sometimes too generous. He is often quick to help out with chores that aren't assigned to him. He's the same with his money, quick to share. He's so generous that I feel the need to step in and stop it at times. His sister is quick to accept his generosity but not so quick to reciprocate.

He has discipline beyond his years while at the same time showing typical child forgetfulness. On one hand, he'll forget to do two of his daily chores nearly every day. On the other hand, he can be trusted to get his school work done without supervision (sometimes starting much earlier than required). He pushes himself with taekwondo, often practicing when other kids are goofing off in class. It bugs him when the other kids are not doing what they are suppose to be doing. He's showing the same discipline and attention to detail with bowling now, too.

I think his future looks bright. Now, we just need to work on his often too brutal honesty by teaching him the value of tact.

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Anonymous said...

He is adorable! But all of your children are, of course. Such a sweet post.

David said...

He's a good looking boy and looks like he has a big heart. I know you are proud.