Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thyroid Results

I got my thyroid results back to today. Then endocrinologist is short on words and explanation so I feel a little lost and disappointed.

My TSH was 1.490 (normal range 0.400-4.000) so was normal.

My free T4 was 1.0 (normal range 0.8-1.8) so was also normal.

My total T3 was 238.0 (normal range 82.0-179.0) so was flagged as high.

My thyroid antibodies were also within the normal range. I also have a goiter.

So, his assessment boiled down to this:

My results are a little odd but fine. I have a goiter so something is not right with my thyroid but it's something he can't measure. (Perhaps because tests are limited when pregnant?) He believes my miscarriages (4 of them) are abnormal and probably related to this unknown thyroid problem.

So, his treatment plan? Recheck thyroid blood tests in 6 weeks and hopefully nothing bad will happen before then. In 7 weeks, we're safe because they baby can survive then if my body choose not to continue the pregnancy.

Also of interest to me: My pulse was noted as high today (112) and the last time I saw him (109). My blood pressure today was 106/64 which was the lowest I've ever seen it.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

I am still suprised he did not at least do an ultrasound of the thyroid, that would not interfer with your pg. The best test for thyroid is a radioactive uptake test - obviously you cannot do that while pg or nursing. It shows exactly how your thyroid is functioning.

Praying all goes well for you and baby.

Montserrat said...

Hopefully all will continue to go well for you!

Have you had a thyroid test done before? If not, I'm surprised your doctor did not have you take one. After my second miscarriage my doc sent me right over to the hospital to have mine tested to make sure that was not the cause of the miscarraiges.

Suswan said...

Not exactly the wonder cure you were hoping for. Sure would have been nice if it were a cut and dried diagnosis. Ahhh well, at least he's not completely dismissing it. I'm glad for that.

Larry Clemons said...

God Almighty, we lift Joann to your for your tender care and healing. I ask that you would give her great peace and comfort. Make your presence felt each and every hour. I also ask that you give the doctors great wisdom and even a special gift of knowledge in caring for Joann and the baby. I have seen your awesome power and pray that Joann may see and feel that power now. Amen!