Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Words

Josh has started putting together two words. It's been a fun week because it is so cute what he's decided will be his first two-word phrase.

Hi, Daddy!

Hi, Mom!

Hi, Cat!

He'll walk into the room and shout out an enthusiastic hello. I think he likes putting the two words together as we hear it pretty frequently. We've been trying to get him to try other combinations...with no luck at all.

Of course, he keeps up laughing with his interesting vocabulary which I shared earlier this year. Here's a couple more of his favorite words:

ho-by = butterfly

nana = either banana (which he loves) or Anglina Ballerina

har = scary

high = I want you to push me on the swing

down = I want off the swing now.

wah-er = water, which he loves to point out in any of its forms

honey = candy or Winnie-the-Pooh

Barber = Barbie (he loves Barbie movies)

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