Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oregon Zoo

One of our stops when we were in Portland last weekend was the Oregon Zoo. The zoo was a perfect tie in with our science curriculum this year, which focused on land animals.

My father joined us at the zoo. He spent much of his time carrying Josh, who suddenly decided that he liked Papa. Usually, he's terribly afraid of him and won't go anywhere near him. He found out that Papa isn't scary, but rather quite fun. Papa found out that Josh is quite heavy to be carrying around all day.

This crocodile was too cool. He never moved; you couldn't even see him breathing. He looked just as fake in real life as he does in this photo, but no one wanted to get in the habitat with him to find out for sure.

The zoo has an insect exhibit, complete with this Madagascar hissing cockroach that Sam got to pet. He's not squeamish about bugs. Mika stayed clear of the cockroach, millipede, and tarantulas and enjoyed the ladybugs instead.

These two gorillas were hilarious. They were just lazing around, enjoying the sun. That is until...

...the alpha male came over and put them in their place...which apparently, wasn't sunning themselves on the pavement.

Here's Mika and Josh trying out this model of the polar bear maternity den. The polar bears were out and active today, which is always fun.

There was plenty to do and see at the Oregon Zoo. We really enjoy this zoo. My only complaint is that it is hard to get pictures of the animals because most of them are behind glass.

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David said...

Oh, I like the shot of the Alligator.