Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Polymer Clay Mushrooms

A few weeks ago, my father showed up for a visit carrying in a box of polymer clay, a pasta machine, various molds, and a handful of sculpting tools. The kids were excited, but I didn't know how to go about using this type of clay.

Then the May issue of Family Fun magazine arrived at our house. The cover was graced with a beautiful young child with her fairy garden, complete with bright red magical mushrooms...made from polymer clay. The article came complete with instructions on how to make these simple little toadstools.

My kids were ecstatic when I told them today that we could spend our school day making mushrooms. They picked out some colors and we started softening the clay with the pasta machine. Within three hours, we had a dozen mushrooms in various colors and a cute little but very hungry caterpillar to go with them.

Mika and Sam are showing off a couple of their favorite mushrooms.

We started off with green and white mushrooms. (Sorry the photo is so blurry.)

Then we made some brightly colored mushrooms. The caterpillar came last; I had just a tiny bit of green left over, not enough to wrap up for another day. So, I started rolling it into little balls. Then I rolled a face and added the eys and antenna. It's very cute!

We also made a few dark-colored mushrooms. The lighter purple one (second from the right) is really neat because I mixed some purple and white, but left some swirls still showing.

It was fun, easy, and satisfying.

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Suswan said...

Those turned out great! What a fun day! :-)

The Four Week Vegan said...

Those are adorable and sound like lots of fun to make. I just loved Family Fun mag when the kids were younger. Always fun ideas that usually were not much work. You should send some pics to the mag showing how you made those - you might get published which would be fun for the kids to see.