Thursday, June 4, 2009

Colored Pencil Woes

Crayola, Roseart, and Pentech please hear my plea! Would you please make your pencils worth buying? Unless something changes, I'm done buying your pencils.

"Why?" you ask. Because I'm tired of sharpening your pencils only to find the center broken all the way through to the bottom of the pencil. They are unusable. Sure, I might get lucky and find a couple of pencils in the set that are usable. Or I might find a couple that are only broken in the bottom half. That's not enough. When I buy a full set, I expect to be able to use the full set.

I'm sorry my dear colored pencil makers. I can't live like this anymore. I'm moving on and will be looking for a new partner in our coloring lives. In fact, I already have someone in mind.

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Suswan said...

Shocking! You're seeing someone else!

I don't blame you. In fact, thank you for saying out loud what I've mumbled and grumbled in my head for years.

Rebecca K. said...

prismacolor!!!! all the way!!

Crystal said...

Hi! I've been perusing your blog (new CVA mom) and happened upon this post.
After dealing with the same issues, I started getting Prismacolor Artsticks. There is no wooden "barrel". The WHOLE THING is for coloring. You can also try Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored Pencils for half the price for comparable quality.

ps: Thank you for documenting your CVA experience!

kenspy said...

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