Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Photos & Happenings

Between the heat (we're in the middle of Washington's heat wave, hitting the highest temperature's every recorded in Seattle's history yesterday), postpartum recovery, and nursing/holding baby Madelynn all day, I haven't been able to think or post. So, here's some of my favorite photos from the week and some random thoughts about them.

I think "Elf" is an appropriate title for this photo. Mika took it while Madelynn was being weighed right after her birth. Her poor ear was folded down in the womb for a while and the angle of this photo makes it look pointed. Funny! I think it might have been caused by having no amniotic fluid (the reason I was induced). I'm guessing that her ear was stuck against the uterine wall and was unable to get a change to unfold since she didn't have any water to float around in. It's taken five days for her ear to unfurl and look normal.

I just love those moments when siblings get their first chance to hold their new baby brother or sister. This is the morning after her birth.

Sam wanted his chance to hold her just as much as Mika did.

Josh even got his chance to hold her with help. We are relieved that he likes her and doesn't seem to have any anomosity towards her. We were worried he might be too jealous of his status of "baby". He's already moved from calling himself "baby" to calling himself "big brother", with a huge smile. He still won't accept "big boy" though.

The previous photo of Josh holding Madelynn was inspired of this all-time favorite photo of Mika holding Sam. Sam was 7 hours old in this photo.

I love this photo of the boys and Madelynn. I especially love how distinctly blond and blue-eyed Josh is in this photo.

This photo not only shows how large my homemade boppy pillow is but that Gracie has not forgotten his place on it. He loved laying next to Josh when he was nursing. It's been a while but he climbed right on and took his rightful place next to Madelynn the day we came home.

Ok, this photo has nothing to do with Madelynn but was still a fun photo from this week. Josh, as you can see, eats his sandwiches in a funny way. First, he eats the cheese, his favorite part, Then, he eats the bread from the middle out. The meat will remain on the plate, never to be eaten. He'll eat Subway sandwiches normally, complete with the meat, though.

This is the result of how Josh eats his sandwiches. I'll call it "Mustard Face".

Finally, here's a photo of Madelynn today.

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David said...

A nice collection of photos. I love the fact that a personal blog can serve as a sort of diary that you can share.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Beautiful photos. Congratulations!