Monday, July 6, 2009

Curriculum 2009: Vocabulary

Like spelling and grammar, Mika will not be doing formal vocabulary work this year unless our plan doesn't work out.

Sam, on the other hand, will be starting up with Michael Clay Thompson's vocabulary program. I'll start him with the level that goes with his other language arts, which is Building Language. I personally don't care too much for this level of MCT's vocabulary program because it is just too basic; however, it will give him an introduction into the program. This will work out ok because I'm sure that he is not ready for the next level, Caesar's English I, which is very advanced.

Building Language spends a lot of time showing a similarity between language and Roman architecture. They use this analogy to show that words are just like arches and aquaducts; made up of parts that each have a function. Then it goes into some very basic stems that most 3rd graders probably already know like re (ie. redo, replace) and un (unbutton, undo). There are some stems included that may not be basical knowledge like spec (spectacle and speculate). Overall, I don't feel that the book does a good job explaining the vocabulary, but since we have it and it is an intro to the more advanced book, we'll do it.

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