Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Nursing Pillow

Yesterday, I finally made it to JoAnn's Fabric and bought the fabric to make my new nursing pillow. I shocked myself by actually finishing it all in one day, too. That's quite an accomplishment for this non-sewer who can barely thread the machine. Here's a photo of it; you can click on it to enlarge it to see the fabric better.

I used an off white flannel fabric for the pillow. The removable cover has a sky blue background covered with palm fronds. Over that background are lions, tigers, monkeys, hippos, and elephants. It's a cute fabric. There were girl fabrics that I liked better but since we don't know what we are having, I opted for something babyish rather than girlish or boyish. I briefly considered trying to match my living room decor but the fabric choices didn't work well for that.

The pillow is at least twice the size of a normal boppy pillow. Because of that it works much better than a boppy, too. It's hard for baby to roll off of it because it is so large. As our cat, Gracie found out when Josh was a newborn, there's plenty of room for him to curl up next to the baby as well. I also found out that I could rest hinge end of my laptop on the outer edge of the pillow angled up on top of the baby and then be on my computer while nursing. It's a great pillow.

Here's a picture of me nursing Josh when he was about a year old with the laptop. This was my previous nursing pillow (same basic pattern I made my new one from) which died a quick death due to being made from recycled muslin that was in pretty bad condition, my poor sewing skills, and being overstuffed.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

That is a really awesome nursing pillow.

The Four Week Vegan said...

Great job! It will come in handy very soon :)