Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You, Larson!

One of Scott's friends, Larson, sent us a generous gift card for Babies R Us. Because we don't need/use a lot of baby gear but are in great need of girls clothing, we chose to buy Madelynn some outfits in her next size, 3-6 months. I took the kids with me to help choose what we'd get. Here's what Madelynn will soon be wearing...

The kids really liked this set. It came witha cute, purple floral sleep and play and a matching hat and bib. The kids were really keen on the hat and bib part.

This is another set like the one above, only this one is light pink with dark pink hearts all over it. Since we didn't have the option of dressing Mika as a girly girl when she was born, I'm all for pink with Madelynn.

Samuel picked out this creeper. He was set on the Little Sister declaration. I think he was remembering the Big Brother, Big Sister, and Little Brother t-shirts they all got when Josh was born. Too bad they don't fit them anymore.

Then we found these basic knit pants with a ruffle across the bottom. The dark color one matches the Little Sister creeper perfectly.

Then I found this chocolate brown shirt that has cute pink flowers and "Daddy's Girl" on it. I knew Scott would love it. Both pairs of pants match it pretty well, too.

Finally, Mika found this really cute outfit. The pants are chocolate brown with pink floral print. They match the Daddy's Girl shirt perfectly (gotta love mix & match). The shirt has an adorable hedgehog on it and says "Hug Me". It also matches both pairs of pink pants above.

We really appreciate the gift, Larson! Thank you!

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David said...

All very cute!

The Four Week Vegan said...

I love baby clothes shopping. Those sure are some adorable outfits!