Friday, October 23, 2009

Only a Homeschooler

Today, we were supposed put together a science experiment but it didn't happen.

The experiment entailed taking two identical bird feeders and filling them with different types of seed. We were using these bird feeder kits that attach to a 2-liter bottle, some old bird seed we had from previous summers, and a new bag of different bird seed.

So, in preparation to having the kids fill their two liter bottles and put the kit together, I went out to our cellar enclosure (kind of a covered patio around the cellar stairs) to get the old bird feed. It definitely looked like it had been there a while but fine otherwise. I scooped a bunch in the bowl because I knew my daughter would have a fit if she saw the condition of the bag. I brought the bowl of seed into the house and left it on the kitchen counter until we needed it.

When we were ready to start science, I went to get the bowl of feed while the kids dug the bird feeder kits out of the box of science supplies. I'm glad I was the one of went for the bowl as it was now covered in maggots. Where did they come from?! I tell you, there was nothing crawling in the bird seed when I was getting it out in the cellar. My only guess is that they were cold and in some sort of limbo until they warmed up inside.

Anyway, our science experiment was put off until I could get to the store and buy a new bag of bird seed different from the other new bag of bird seed.

In the meantime, we put one of the maggots in a bug magnifier and took a good look at it. The kids asked if we could keep it as a pet until it turned into a fly.!
Than again....

We ARE studying flying creatures this year. It would go with our studies.

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Gail B said...

I read your eHow about killing fleas and thought you might like this piece of information.

My Chihuahua had fleas, and the exterminator for the office happened to drop by for the contracted monthly treatment. I told him that I had to go over to the grocery store for flea spray "unless you have some magic formula."

He told me I didn't need flea spray. He told me to pour equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. The water keeps the alcohol from being too strong, and the alcohol will kill the fleas--or at least get them to come up where they can be seen and eliminated!

This works. I keep two bottles of it handy, depending upon where I am in the house. The second bottle also acts as an emergency backup, in case I run out of alcohol and can't mix any.

Love your website--interesting, and your family is adorable!