Friday, November 20, 2009

Playing with Webkinz

For those who aren't interested in a bunch of Webkinz photos, please forgive the posts for the next couple of days. The blog will be back to normal after the weekend...promise.

Spotty enjoyed watching the rain hitting the pond out the window. Watching the white water fowl diving for food was really fun.

Amanda was very interested in the puzzle. She was hoping the fish would be edible when it was done.

Snowflake showed surprising talent on the piano.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, I didn't know Spotty took an instrest in rain...

Hey, Snowflake, Sammy didn't even know you knew what a piano was!

Shadowclaw/Goldenpelt/Ashpaw said...

Bad dog Snowflake! You should've told me that you knew what a piano was!