Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She's Everyone's Princess

Madelynn certainly keeps our lives interesting. She's everyone's princess, though. Mika helps with her the most. Sam likes to have his turn holding and playing with her, too. Josh wants to hold his "baby dar" and can't wait until "she play me." Scott, of course, takes his turn with her as well.

As for what she's doing lately...

She does sleep through the night. However, that little blessing, is offset by the fact that she does not sleep well during the day. She's one of those babies that won't fall asleep unless I'm holding her, nor will she stay asleep if I try to transfer her to a bed, couch, floor, bouncy seat, or swing. Nope. It's either hold her, or she gets no nap and gets quite cranky later because of it. I'd gladly trade night time nursings (which are each when you co-sleep) for a good nap or two during the day.

She's giving out lots of smiles to just about everyone. If you look at her, smile at her, make faces at her, talk to her, or otherwise interact directly with her, she's likely to smile at you. She LOVES attention. This is true of just about anyone except my friend Rebecca. Sorry Rebecca!

She enjoys an occasional romp on her tummy. She can hold her entire head and chest up without any problem. She tries really hard to creep along, too, but so far she's stuck in one place. On her back, however, she can roll onto her side and sort of pivot so that she ends up 180 degrees from where you placed her. She seems to like being on the floor to roll around and kick freely.

She's also teething, no doubt about it. She's constantly chewing on her fist or thumb. She figured out how to get just her thumb in there a long time ago. She may just be my first thumb sucker once she gets done chewing on it. She also likes other people's fingers for chewing, or anything she can get a hold of and get to her mouth.

All the difficulties we had with her early on are all figured out now. No more green poo. Much less spitting up/vomiting. Very little crying. We figured out that she had two issues: she's definitely allergic to dairy and she has reflux. We've eliminated dairy from my diet, put it back in, and eliminated it again. We're sure on that one. She goes from very infrequent, tiny spit ups for a dozen larger vomits per day if I eat even smaller amounts of dairy. Today, I had a mini, one-bite apple pie that had butter listed as it's second to last ingredient. How much butter can be in a 1-inch diameter pie? Well, it caused her to vomit twice. We also took her off of her reflux medicine and experienced an increase in spitting up. So, for the time being, I don't eat anything with dairy and she gets Prevacid twice a day...and everyone is happy.

So, there you go...an update on the little one.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

She is so adorable. Glad the diet has been figured out. Do you wear her in a sling or something, so she can nap while you still get things done?